Three Healthy and Easy Valentines Treats!

Posted by Martin Knipe on 13th February 2019
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Yummy…. Jam Heart Sandwiches with Strawberries


Use a cookie cutter to cut out your yummy heart shapes (to add variety use different types of bread). Pick a red berry jam of your choice and spread a generous heart shape in the centre of the bread. Finish off your hearts with decorative red berries and

Invention of Swings

Posted by Martin Knipe on 23rd January 2019
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According to research, the first swing sets date back to as early as the 5th Century B.C. Greek artists known for vase paintings in that era have captured children and women swinging on swings.


Over centuries swings have been made out of many materials. Eventually, we began to design safer and more standardised swings in the late 1800’s. Backed by women and educators, there was a

Sport Premium 2019

Posted by Martin Knipe on 15th January 2019
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Sport Premium 2019

What happens to Sports premiums in 2019?

Primary PE & Sport Premium to Stay Doubled in 2019


It’s time to say goodbye to 2018. Fortunately, primary schools can look forward to a helping hand in 2019.

The government will continue to allocate PE and Sport Premium. Funding remains at the current

Recently completed

Posted by Martin Knipe on 13th September 2018
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St Mary’s Church of England Academy

            After meeting with the staff at St Mary’s and discussing their ideas and requirements, we put together a free design and quotation to present to the school. We always encourage our customers to change their designs as they feel

Vicar’s Green Primary School

Posted by Martin Knipe on 12th September 2018
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Case Study 

                  Working with the school our designers came up with an idea to make the most of the space occupied by tree trunks in the existing grass area. With the trees providing natural shelter and shade,

Structures that offer shade are growing in their popularity. They have become an essential piece of playground equipment this summer during the incredibly hot weather. There are many different options available for shading playgrounds, picnic areas and outdoor learning spaces.

Here’s why shade is important:

UV Protection

As carers for children it is our responsibility to limit their UV exposure. Some exposure is needed, but over exposure can be very dangerous. Shade structures, such as

We have been very busy recently designing and installing new playgrounds and it has been an incredibly exciting time.

These images show a recent installation we complete at Brereton Pre-School & Playgroup in Cheshire. The Pre-School & Playgroup recently received a fabulous new Classroom and we had the privilege of creating a brand-new play space for the children to enjoy.

Mossley CE Primary School

Posted by Martin Knipe on 15th March 2018
Category: Playgrounds

Our most recent project is nearly complete at Mossley CE Primary School. Ready for a splash of Playground Paint to be installed over the Easter holidays, the children just couldn’t resist getting stuck in!


New Playground for Thelwall Infants

Part of our Company ethos is putting everything we have into creating beautiful, fun and safe playgrounds for children to enjoy. Additionally, the service that you receive with The Playground Company is second to none and this is based around or passion for what we do. Each of our projects, however large or small,

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